Do you believe in Real Ghosts?


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Do you believe in Ghosts?


No, neither did I.

Until I came to live in Cornwall.

Everyone knows there is something serious with this place, and yet they all deny it. The locals, that is. 'If it don't harm you,' they say, 'it don't do worrying about it.'


But what's going on here does worry a lot of people.





Perhaps, they are everywhere.



Perhaps, most people do not seen them.



In Launceston in Cornwall they are everywhere in this ancient town. There has been far too much goings on in Launceston for the dead to sleep at peace. Just walk about Launceston Castle at night; and you will see. There is nothing like a night in a castle to make you wonder.


Who is The Pointer?






Then there is Torpoint in Cornwall. I stayed here for several months. Who is he who is The Watcher? Who stands behind the elderly man in woman? They talk unawares. Who is he?

Why does this town have such a weird feeling sometimes?



Who is the man outside the Inn? Is he the one they call The Sailor?





You will never look at this quaint Devonshire town of Tavistock again once you realise The Knight is looking at you as you go about your normal every day business.







This disturbing picture of the face of The Snow Girl was taken by me when I was upon Dartmoor in Devon. I cannot forget her dark haunting eyes. Look closely. She is just above the tall gate post. Peekaboo!






The Snow Man stands alone on lonely Dartmoor.


Whom is he waiting for?

So many murders have been committed upon Dartmoor that it is no surprise that many spirits are not at peace.


And, thence my search has taken me further afield.


Ghosts have know made their presence known throughout Cornwall, Devonshire, Somerset and Bristol, and in such towns as Plymouth, Bodmin, Bridgwater, Exeter, Exmoor, and Bath.




My investigations continue.








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